Who doesn’t dream of writing a marketing slogan that will keep netizens coming back for more! Apart from anchoring attention and driving sales, a catchy copy is crucial for expanding brand awareness and ensuring brand loyalty. And yet how often have your got stuck while writing a copy for your product? Or perhaps wondered why despite spending so much time and effort on crafting imaginative content, you have barely had any buyers. Here are then 5 Copywriting Hacks that is sure to boost traffic to your product or service.

# 1. Know Your Market

You may have on sale the most luxurious jewellery designs or the most flawless accounting software but unless you know what your potential buyers are exactly looking for, they would simply glance at your site and move on. So find out more about that young high school teen who is surfing online personal care sites – perhaps she is looking for a face wash that will combat the acne and yet be gentle on the skin. Or drop in your neighbourhood skating rink to sound out common problems with popular sports gear. Maybe some kids are looking for colour co-ordinated protective gear while others would much rather hire than buy skates over the summer. Your market research will naturally depend upon your budget but for great conversion rates, you might want to use the time-tested marketing hack of finding a problem and then being the one to offer a solution.

#2. Use Action Words

Whether your site is about Chippendale furniture or Reiki classes, ensure that the copy buzzes with action words. For example instead of describing your Yoga sessions as “a combination of ancient Indian asanas as well as modern workout”, tell your viewers how the “asanas are a vibrant mix of energizing postures and breathing exercises”. Unless your copy exudes dynamism and enthusiasm, it is unlikely to make traffic pause on your site and what’s more, convert viewers into buyers.

The same need for action would apply when crafting your headline. Use words which create a sense of urgency; this would hook your readers’ attention and make them want to go through the entire content. Keep in mind that with each passing day, the attention span of the average online visitor is lessening – in fact according to latest research, the regular surfer stays on a page for a mere 10-20 seconds. So unless your headline can convey how the viewer can benefit from the great app, product or service you have to offer, he or she would already be moving on.

# 3. Keep it simple

Long, unwieldy phrases can drag good content down. So cut out words which imply the same thing – for example in “advance planning” both words indicate some form of prior action – just “planning” would do, thank you very much! In the same vein, check your copy for wordiness; for instance rather than writing, “The results caused the revelation that the two variables are unrelated”, edit it to “ The results revealed that the two variables are unconnected”.

Keeping your copy concise and simple is best way to add impact to your content, thus making the viewer sit up and take notice. What’s more, the simpler your sentences are, the less they are likely to be grammatically incorrect or unwieldy – and everyone knows how a shoddily written copy can undo even the most imaginative marketing campaign.

# 4. Get the Right Tools

Work smart rather than work hard. These days there are several online editing tools that can save time and effort. In other words, you can just focus on creating inspired content without fussing over grammatical minutiae or punctuation pitfalls. Here are some of the useful tools you can explore:

  • Word Count

    Most document software come with a tool to track number of words written so that you can keep a check on the length of your content in real-time.
  • OAW

    This is an online writing agency that can offer you help with grammar and professional written content.
  • Best Assignment Experts

This is an online platform of professional writers and mentors to guide you in your written content.

  • Assignment Writing Blog

    An online blog full of articles and posts to answer all your writing-related questions.
  • Cite It In

    Often the technique to include citations can stump the most experienced of writers – this is an online tool that will include in your content the correct way to add citations, references and quotes – all for free!
  •  Thanks For The Help

    This is quite a popular writing agency on the internet that helps with the tedious process of proofreading among other things.
  • My Writing Way

    If you are looking for tips on business writing, check this out for all kinds of useful resources.

#5. Find your own voice

OK, so there are thousands of websites touting the most economical hotel bookings or exciting holiday packages – why should your portal be special? In order to drive home why buyers should choose your product or service over your competitor’s, you need to use a unique voice while writing copy. Rather than mimic popular taglines or echo well-known slogans, find a writing style of your own. Your writing tone would be reflected in your choice of words, sentence structure as well as any figures of speech that you may use. Ask yourself what would make you linger on a page or go back to a particular content; the answer in most cases would be a fresh writing style – one that sparkles but does not overpower.

Also while developing your own writing style, you would need to keep your product in mind – for example, it is all very well for a baking blog to entice viewers with sensuous imagery and luscious pics, but when pitching your legal consultancy firm, it would make more sense to keep the language clear and business-like.

In all these ways, you can craft a killer copy for your product or service. The final purpose is not just to hook casual visitors but ensure they convert to buyers and keep coming back in the long run.