What to say when someone is disappointed in you?

What to say when someone is disappointed in you?

For every time you have said, “I'm disappointed in you”, or worse, “You disappoint me”, say 10 times, “I trust you to do well”, “I trust you to do your best”, “I trust you to do the right thing”, without being tempted to tell them what the right thing is.

How do you communicate with disappointment?

Regret and disappointment are both emotions that you can feel when things do not turn out the way you wanted them. … In disappointment, you were more powerless over what happened, so you have more of a tendency to do nothing or get away from the situation.

How do you express disappointment?

For some, being very disappointed for prolonged periods of time can lead to chronic stress problems. Disappointment results from thoughts and expectations being out of line with reality. Your expectations and hopes for others may be too high for the situation at hand.