What makes Devil’s Food Cake different?

What makes Devil’s Food Cake different?

The difference is that the devil's food version uses non-alkalized cocoa instead of Dutch-processed. The texture is similar to her chocolate cake but delivers a stronger chocolate punch at the cost of less moisture, a result of a slight decrease in cocoa butter in non-alkalized cocoa.

Why is it called devil’s food cake?

According to Baking Illustrated, the Devil's Food Cake was the result of a time when fancy names for cakes was the norm: the late 1900s. Allegedly, it was the only cake name to survive that era and make it to our modern times. This type of cake was called as such because of the deep rich color of the cake.

What does devil’s food mean?

1. devil's food – very dark chocolate cake. devil's food cake. chocolate cake – cake containing chocolate.