Web Design Mistakes You Might Be Committing Right Now

Every day, tons of websites are being created as more and more people are leveraging on the opportunity to build an online presence for their business. In designing a website, one can’t help but overlook some of the important design elements that should be present. This is partly because of the overwhelming number of web design tactics and trends that one must also take into account when designing a website.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had years of web design experience or you’re new to this because everyone—no exception—isn’t immune to making mistakes. In fact, you may be committing some web design mistakes right now, but you may be completely unaware of them because you’re doing these things the whole time without the knowledge that they’re ‘mistakes’.

Don’t worry because even seasoned web designers can also commit these all-too-common web design mistakes. So, feel free to take comfort from that fact! The important thing here is to keep yourself informed on these mistakes and why they’re potential dangers to your website. So, here goes nothing!

Absence of Search box

Where’s the search box?” Uh oh! The last thing you need is your visitors having problems finding the search box. This issue could potentially ruin your website for life. Remember that your website is like a diary—a public one, that is—of information. If your site is a business website or just a simple blog, it’s still a must to have a search box. The search box is there to help your visitors find what they’re looking for in your site. No one wants to have to look manually for something on the internet when they can just go to other websites who will give them what they want.

Web Design Mistakes You Might Be Committing Right Now

Not optimized for mobile devices

With the rapidly increasing mobile traffic these days, it’s no wonder why website designers are now clambering to get their client’s sites mobile-friendly. You may have a fancy looking website with all those cool features only to find out your site won’t work on mobile browsers. This shouldn’t be the case at all because lots of people now are more inclined to pick up their smartphones over their computers when looking for something on the web. You wouldn’t want to miss out on potentially good traffic because your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Too much focus on social media accounts

While having social media presence is good for your brand, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your website. In other words, your website shouldn’t be put at the back burner because your visitors are focusing too much on your social media accounts. Having social media shortcuts on your site is a good thing, however, keep it to a minimum so they won’t overshadow your website. Users should be able to spend more time on your site, instead of your social media accounts so avoid putting them as the focal point of your website design.

Poor readability

Your font shouldn’t be heavily styled, too small, nor vibrantly colored to ensure your visitors can read your information just fine. You may think that they match well with your background and overall website design, but it may not be legible enough to read. What you can do is to use typefaces, image or color backgrounds that won’t leave make the readers squinting or widening their eyes just to read the context. Poor legibility is a guaranteed mistake that could destroy any user’s experience.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. Are you guilty of any mistakes mentioned above? On the flip side, if you’re considering seeking the advice of a digital expert to ensure that all is well with your website design, then simply search for different ones like Web Design Dubai, or ones in your own local area.

Look for a design company or any digital agency in general that offers exactly what your website needs right now. Many Web Design Company Dubai businesses will work with you in accomplishing your digital marketing goals. Don’t settle for less!