Is Sweatcoin available on Android?

Is Sweatcoin available on Android?

Sweatcoin app PAYS you to get fitSweatcoin is available for free in the UK from Apple's app store It offers one coin for every 1,000 steps which can then pay for goods Rewards include Vivobarefoot shoes and fitness classes from Wonderush Android app is in development, and app will roll out to other regions soon It can …

What can you purchase with Sweatcoin?

Perhaps the most popular items offered on the marketplace are gift cards. Stores team up with Sweatcoin to promote their goods and services in exchange for this digital currency. You may not see many items that sell for 100% Sweatcoin, but you'll see a lot of gift cards and discounted goods.

How many Sweatcoins is $1?

20 sweatcoinsIt calculated as 1 dollar is equivalent to about 20 sweatcoins.

Is Sweatcoin available in Philippines?

2018: Sweatcoin is now available in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. This is a huge milestone for the team at Sweatco ltd. Asia is the largest market opportunity for the #1 Fitness and Exercise App. The initial launch has occurred in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.