Is it OK to stop talking to someone?

Is it OK to stop talking to someone?

There are circumstances when it's definitely OK to stop speaking to someoneā€¦ Often, not speaking to the person is a result of a long time talking, falling out, re-connecting and making up. Your silence might be born out of frustration, or a realisation that there is no more talking to be done.

What happens if you don’t talk to anyone?

So if you don't talk, you lose. You lose your knowledge of the language, you lose the skill, you lose the emotional connection with those you intend to communicate with. … However, talking can also be referring to sign language etc. … Originally Answered: What happens to someone if they never talk?

How do I stop thinking about someone?

Don't tell someone you forgive them and then just keep them around to punish them. The kindest thing to do is just to let the friendship go and not make them grovel to get you back. Cut them off completely for you both. Think through ghosting a friend before you put your plan into action.

Is it OK to ignore someone who hurt you?

If you really ignore somebody you don't take offensive action against them. You ignore them not to hurt them, because you are better than that, but because you no longer want them in your life.