How much are Real Madrid tickets?

How much are Real Madrid tickets?

Tickets are priced from around 50 euros – 150 euros, we paid 95 euros for the match at the weekend against Deportivo. If you are just wanting 1 ticket you can pretty much pick where you sit and how much you pay as long as it is not against athletico or Barca.

Where can I buy Real Madrid tickets?

Buying your tickets Alternatively, you can buy tickets at, which, like Real Madrid's website, sells tickets at the official price. You can also buy tickets at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, at ticket office 44 in tower A. Tickets go on sale here the day before a match.

Does Real Madrid sell out?

Getting tickets For the most part, Real Madrid games don't sell out unless they're playing Barcelona, Atletico Madrid or it's a big Champions League tie. … Tickets can also be bought from the ticket booths at the stadium if they have not sold out.

Who is Real Madrid owned by?

Real Madrid is owned by its thousands of members, known as “socios”, who elect the president.