How much are gender reveal cakes?

How much are gender reveal cakes?

For many couples, the actual gender reveal is done with a cake that has blue or pink icing in the middle. Once it's cut, the cake reveals the surprise you've all been waiting for. To save even more, you can have the reveal cake be a miniature cake that runs around $15 at most grocery store bakeries.

What is a gender reveal cake?

Gender reveal parties are typically held near the middle of the pregnancy. Often, it employs the trope of pink (denoting a female) or blue (denoting a male), perhaps hidden inside a cake or piñata. When the cake is cut or the piñata is opened, the color popularly associated with the baby's sex is revealed.

How can I surprise my baby gender?

You can even surprise yourself by having your OB/GYN place the gender in an envelope, then enlisting a friend to pack your present. Just fill the box with blue or pink helium balloons, then keep the cameras rolling when you open it to capture the excitement!