How do I remove geotag from photos?

How do I remove geotag from photos?

In the upper right-hand corner of the screen you'll see a menu option, signified by a gear symbol. Select it. Scroll down the Camera Settings menu until you see Location Tags. Turn this feature off to disable EXIF location metadata on your photos.

Can you turn off geotagging on iPhone?

Answer: A: Settings>General>Reset>Reset Location & Privacy. Then launch the Camera App, select "Don't Allow" when prompted. You can also turn this off: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Off.

How do I turn off EXIF data?

To do this in Android 4.4. x KitKat, open the Camera app and tap the round circle to the right of the shutter button, and from the resulting menu, tap the “Settings” icon. Now, in the settings menu tap the “Location” button. You can tell geolocation is now disabled because of the icon overlaid on the options button.

What is geotagging in Android?

Geotagging is the act of including geographical information about where a photo was taken in with the digital photo file. … This option must be turned on for the geotagging option to work. Press the "Home" button to go back to the main screen, then tap the camera icon to launch your Android smartphone's camera.

How do I turn on geotagging on my iPhone?

Geotagging is enabled on an app-by-app basis. To turn geotagging on for the Camera app, start by tapping the "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen to launch the Settings app. Tap "Privacy" and then tap "Location Services" to open the Location Services screen.

How do I turn on geotagging on my Android?

Tap the "Menu" button once the camera application loads, then tap the "Settings" option. On some Android cameras, this option will simply be a small cog icon. Scroll down to "Store Location in Pictures," or "Geo-tag Photos," depending on your OS version, and tap that option to put a green check mark next to it.