How can I get a free morning after pill?

How can I get a free morning after pill?

Levonelle and ellaOne are both available free of charge. You can get them from most community pharmacies and also from your GP or sexual health clinic. Levonelle can be taken within 72 hours (three days) of having unprotected sex, but it's most effective if taken within 12 hours of having unprotected sex.

Do boots give free morning after pill?

You can access the emergency contraceptive pill from Boots pharmacies after having a private chat with a pharmacist in store (subject to eligibility criteria and pharmacist availability. Charges apply). In some areas, it can also be available free of charge in pharmacies through a local NHS service.

Can my husband buy the morning after pill?

Yes. The morning-after pill is also known as emergency contraception, emergency birth control, backup birth control, and by the brand names Plan B One-Step, ella, and Next Choice. Plan B One-Step and Next Choice are available from drugstores and health centers without a prescription for women and men 17 and older.

How soon does morning after pill work?

You should take it as soon as possible. Emergency contraception (AKA the morning-after pill) works up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. But the sooner you take it, the better it works. You don't need to wait until the next day, and it definitely doesn't have to be taken in the morning, either.

Should I take the morning after pill if im on the pill?

Is It safe to take Plan B while on birth control? According to the manufacturers of Plan B One-Step, people should resume taking birth control pills immediately after taking the Plan B pill. Taking birth control pills after taking the Plan B pill can help to prevent unwanted pregnancy going forward.

What is the best morning after pill?

ella is the most effective type of morning-after pill. You can take ella up to 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex, and it works just as well on day 5 as it does on day 1. If you're taking EC because you made a mistake with your hormonal birth control, Plan B or the copper IUD are better options for you than ella.

Does the morning after pill make you sick?

Some women who take the morning after pill for example experience abdominal pain after taking it. In some cases, the morning after pill also causes nausea, headache or tiredness. … If the morning after pill makes you vomit, you need to contact your doctor or pharmacist, as you may need to take another one.