Can you wear turquoise everyday?

Can you wear turquoise everyday?

It's not a situation where turquoise is simply too fragile to wear, or that you have to constantly baby it and watch out, but it is worthwhile to remember that a little care is called for when wearing natural gem turquoise under everyday use.

What colors does turquoise jewelry go with?

“Turquoise adds a great pop of color to your outfit so it works brilliantly with black, white and denim,” Divaris said. Keep in mind: A little turquoise goes a long way.

Is turquoise out of style?

It's versatility is unbeatable! Turquoise was the Pantone colour of 2010 – but in my mind, it never goes out of style because it's so easy for everyone to wear. Check out this post on how to mix turquoise with other colours.

When was turquoise jewelry popular?

Turquoise first came into popular high fashion in the US during the early 1890s, but Persian turquoise was the focus of the demand at that time, and only a few deposits of high quality turquoise were known in the US.

What color goes with turquoise dress?

There is a variety of colors that go with turquoise: light blue, aquamarine, wine-color, lilac, fuchsia, purple, brown, orange, terracotta, cream, white, silver grey. Turquoise coat with white pants and beige bag very bright and conspicuous outfit. Turquoise jumper with polka dot blouse and pink midi fabulous skirt.

Can you wear turquoise jewelry in the fall?

Turquoise For Fall/Winter Season. We all know that a turquoise color with jewelry is often associated with summer. … Just like you can wear shorts with high boots in the winter you can wear turquoise in the winter as well! Turquoise is known as a fresh color, welcome color, and a color that moves us to serenity.