Can best friends fall in love?

Can best friends fall in love?

It's okay to have feelings of love because of the trust you share with your best friend, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are in love. But it does mean you have the ingredients to develop awesome love which could turn into great marriage. Someone once said great friends make great lovers.

Do guys fall for their female friends?

Yes, it is possible a guy is interested in his female friends. Being attracted to a female friend can be harmless. But it is easy for a guy to actually like her too. If they hang out regularly and get along and he finds her attractive, it makes sense.

How do you start a friendship?

The best way to start a new friendship is taking initiative. Make the first move and talk to them first. If you want to be friends with someone and if the person is shy or doesn't know you then he/she won't take efforts. However if you try and talk to them first then they might get to know you.

Can man and woman just be friends?

Can men and women be just friends? In many cases, the answer is no. Sometimes that is a good thing, when both people see friendship as a step to mutually satisfying love, sex, and/or commitment. At other times, men and women cannot be just friends because only one friend desires something more.

Can exes be friends?

According to the experts, friendship with an ex is possible, but there's a catch. You must both be willing to admit that you don't work together as a couple. Maintaining a healthy relationship post-breakup requires both people “to recognize what worked about the relationship and what did not,” says Dr.

How often should you text a female friend?

If a female friend was say, your best friend, it would be quite often ( multiple times throughout the day). As a friend that you're not so close with, maybe multiple times a week. If it's a girl you're interested in, a daily message or second daily at the start. And after talking a fair bit, a multiple times a day.