Supporting The Customer Data Base Of The World’s Biggest Furniture Retailer

The work of Intectics is conducting the support of the operational database (ODB) that helps in managing the loyalty program of the customers of the world’s biggest furniture retailer. It also helps in synchronising the data according to the retailer’s central IT and the Marketing databases. It is done on a weekly or daily basis.

Components Of Intectics

The system supported by Intectics is built up of many major components.

An application is designed or managing the profile data of the customer known as the furniture retailer’s retailer custom co-worker application. With the help of this application, new loyalty cards are issued that replaced the lost ones. It also helps in scheduling the Business Process Jobs.

Business Process Jobs are those that serve many marketing purposes like the customer data cards, using email services using the country-specific provider.  It also looks for Customer Card & Welcome Party as well as the registration statistics.

The third component is the data providers which is supplied by a partner in marketing. This might include the Kiosk solutions and the web applications according to the county. The Intectics team support and develop ODB using the reliable and proven open source technologies. At present Intectics is providing around services to the market of 8 countries in total. It also manages records of more than 5 million customers. So, according to the short and middle term perspective, it can be said that the service will be expanded to more countries in which the retailers are running their business.


For around 12 years, a client had been employing a nearshore outsourcing model. However, it used resources from Eastern Europe in order to support his country team in Western Europe. Now, for the past three years, some of the regions of the nearshore had a significant increase in the costs because they had matured economically. In the year 2005, IMPAQ came up with the plan to expand their Technology Services. So, they started to asses all the regions in the Eastern Europe and ass the partners possible. Intectics had gone through a bidding process which got chosen on the basis of both quality and the price.

The challenge that Intectics had to face was the establishment of a stable, cost-effective and high-quality process. It was for the rendering of the services like the Performance Management, Infrastructure Management, Support & Maintenance, Security Monitoring, Testing and System Design &Integration.


The partnership was started with many projects in accordance with the bi software development. Though the project was not too big but was definitely very important for the IMPAQ. Few of the end customer had the desire to create web service in a very short duration. The launching of the project was on time and on budget. But we could not adopt the risk of the plan that was put together with the customer’s combination. The customer very satisfied with the result and extended an additional two years of the contract. Simultaneously, we completed many new projects. In 2006, a decision was taken to start a new project and a new model. As before the companies used to work on a project on y-basis. But now the company signed for an Offshore Dedicated Team as well. The offshore Dedicated Team has a particular business model that gives dedicated development of the teams. It also gives complete administrative services and infrastructure at one of the Offshore Development Centres in order to work on the project of the client. The client will get a fixed monthly fee for his own remote development department.


On the contrary of employing local staff, the client acquired many cost-effective resources. Now they are operating around 80% of staff nearshore and 20% staff to offshore. Every partner helps with all the issues related to work and also consults in the areas of similar expertise which is subjected to the real experience.