How many phones get stolen in school?

How many phones get stolen in school?

According to, 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S. School is supposed to be a safe place, but now students are constantly paranoid, worried that their possessions might be nicked at anytime.

What do thieves do with phones?

At the very least they will switch it off, throw away the SIM card, format it and re-sell it. At the worst, they will unlock it and misuse the data inside it to threaten you. That's why, when you lose your phone: First contact your service provider and tell them to block your number.

How can I make my phone child friendly?

Start by setting up the Family Link on your account. If you're using a device that's running Android 10, open the Settings app, then go to Google > Parental Controls > Get Started. Select Parent and follow the prompts.

Do mobile phones keep students safe?

Many people accept that mobile phones are a very useful way of keeping in touch with children and making sure they travel safely to and from school. Parents with children who have medical conditions say a smartphone is vital to keep tabs on their health.

How often do people lose their phones?

70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. 4.3 percent of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year. 80 percent of the cost of a lost laptop is from data breach.

How common is phone theft?

Everyone knows that mobile phone theft can happen. However, most people don't realise just how common it is. According to a recent report, 446,000 handsets are stolen each year, which is a staggering 1,222 per day.

How do I make my android child safe?

Set a bedtime, after which the phone will not work. Monitor your child's app activity with weekly reports, and temporarily disable apps they're using too much. Set up child-friendly filters to limit what apps, games, and movies they can download, and also apply safe searches in Chrome.