5 Free Keywords Research Tools

Are you just about to publish your website?  It must have been demanding to create a good website. It is even harder to get the right keywords for your site. If the content is good, the design is perfect, and online marketing strategies are in place, maybe what is remaining is the right keywords. Keywords are the most vital determinant which will drive traffic to your website. It is hard sometimes, almost impossible to guess the keywords for your site. You can spend hours and sometimes days speculating for the right word and fail. Do not be worried; this article shows you what successful people do to get those catchy and SEO friendly keywords. Keyword Research tools are what you need instead of using your precious time formulating words from your head or searching for them online.

These tools will ensure you do not waste time generating word which doesn’t add up correctly. You have to type the title of your website, and hundreds of keywords will be displayed for your selection. While many keywords research tools are premium, these five wonderful tools are free. They will not only help you to boost your search ranking as you can see in your Serp rank tracker but also give you tips on how to survive in online competition.

1. Google AdWords keyword planner

You may have heard of this tool. It is very famous, but maybe you never knew it could help your website optimization. If you are targeting Google engine to index your website, which you should anyway because 70% of all searches are done in Google, then this keywords generator tool should be your companion. It is very easy to use. Just type your title in the search box and choose your keywords from the results generated.

2. SEO Keyword and AdWords permutation

Once you have your top keyword in place, you have to get other supportive keywords so that your website will rank among the best. SEO Keyword and AdWords permutation generator will provide you a list of possible keywords to choose from. It basically has all the best keywords in your niche. It can produce lots of keyword suggestions. Some of them may not make sense but choose what you want.

3. Google Correlate

Again, tools from Google are the best to use when generating keywords. Google Correlate tool will make you have the best keywords to use in other search engines. With this tool, you can create the most probable and fitting supportive keywords which are likely to be searched together with your main keyword. You should, therefore, use it to get the long-tail keywords for your website. It is also very easy to use: type your keyword and then you can choose supportive keywords from the list.

4. MforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

MforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator is used to search for the best keywords in your local listing. It is designed to pick the most appealing keywords which you can use in your local SEO listing. It is necessary to have a local SEO strategy in place especially if your business is new or young. To use this tool, first selecting the category of your products then chooses your service type. You will then be prompted to enter your location and title. You will have all the possible keywords combination to choose from.

5. Soovle

Soovle is a wonderful tool will help you to select the best keywords combination in all search engines. Though it uses the Google search engine as a default, you can choose Bing, Yahoo and even private search engines like DuckDuckGo and StartPage. Since Google seems to be slowly losing dominance, it is high time you start to see how your website appears in alternative search engines.

A keyword is the heart of search engine optimization. You should concentrate on the right keywords to get the best ranking. Study the best keywords in your niche. You don’t have to guess what keywords to use yet these free keywords generators are available for you. Choose the most appropriate one for you and get that keyword which will boost your SEO ranking to a height you just wished for.