Is Touching Spirit Bear based on a true story?

Is Touching Spirit Bear based on a true story?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.

Who is the publisher of Touching Spirit Bear?


What is the sequel to Touching Spirit Bear?

Ghost of Spirit Bear Paperback – March 30, 2010. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. In award-winning author Ben Mikaelsen’s riveting sequel to the acclaimed word-of-mouth bestseller Touching Spirit Bear, readers will be captivated by what Booklist calls a “hugely satisfying resolution.”

What happened in Chapter 2 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 2 of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is on his way to the island with supplies. Edwin and Garvey advise him on how to stay alive and how this place will either help him or kill him. After 3 months of lying about his true intentions, Cole is finally left alone.

Is there a movie for Touching Spirit Bear?

A movie based on the novel “Touching Spirit Bear” is in production, but doesn’t have an official release date yet. Another important location in the book is the school yard.

How does Cole look in Touching Spirit Bear?

From the novel Touching Spirit Bear Cole Matthews is not your average teenage boy, he is a juvenile delinquent. If you look at Cole you may see a sweet, innocent, kind, caring boy! He has a baby face, he’s 15, and uses it to get his way! Cole has committed many crimes in his life.

Does Cole die in Touching Spirit Bear?

Instead of respecting Spirit Bear, though, Cole tries to kill him…which leads to the bear mauling him and leaving him bleeding and in pain. Cole almost dies during this time period, but in the process, he thinks a lot about his life and how he’s made some serious mistakes.

What happens to Cole in Touching Spirit Bear?

While he’s trying to figure out what to do next, Cole runs into Spirit Bear. Instead of respecting the creature, though, he tries to kill it and gets mauled pretty badly. Cole can feel life drifting away from him as he lies out in the open getting rained on and feeling himself grow weaker, but he refuses to die.

Why is Cole so angry at the Spirit Bear?

Because he’s grown up with alcoholic parents and a father who beats him regularly, Cole is angry and thinks that violence is the only way to solve problems. His memories of his family aren’t happy—in fact, he remembers distinctly the times when his father beat him up: As Cole kept screaming, his dad kept hitting him.

Who is the antagonist in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews Although it may be tempting to call Spirit Bear the antagonist (the critter does maul Cole, after all), it’s really Cole himself who keeps getting in his own way and presenting obstacles.

Who is Nathaniel Blackwood in Touching Spirit Bear?

Nathaniel Blackwood is the lawyer whom Cole’s dad hires to defend Cole after he assaults Peter. Blackwood is a stiff man who, in Cole’s opinion, must starch his underwear, judging by just how stiffly he conducts himself.

What crimes did Cole commit in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews is a violent, out-of-control, angry teen. He has been in and out of trouble with the police for most of his teenage years, committing first crimes against property and, increasingly, crimes of violence against people.

What is Coles last name in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews

What does the feather symbolize in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, the feather used at the Circle Justice meetings symbolizes respect and responsibility.

What is the purpose of the hearing Circle in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, the Native American Circle of Justice provides an alternative form of justice for Cole Mathews. In this system, the goal is to focus on the whole person and heal him or her so that the likelihood of a repeat crime is extremely low.

What is Devil’s Club in Touching Spirit Bear?

Devil’s Club A type of thorny plant. When Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear, he grabs on to this plant and subsequently has a very painful set of thistles in his hand.

What is an at Oow?

At. oow are the most prized possessions of a clan. At. oow is literally translated as “an owned or purchased object” and can refer to land or sacred sites, celestial bodies such as the moon and sun, names, stories, songs, spirits and crests.

What happened in chapter 11 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 11 of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is still stuck on the ground, but he is doing better. Since he has made up his mind to survive, he is making better decisions. He catches a mouse and eats it alive, and even eats his own vomit because food is food when you’re starving.

What happens in Chapter 8 of Touching Spirit Bear?

By Ben Mikaelsen Cole totally plans to kill Spirit Bear, but then the bear lunges at him and knocks him down with a blow. Cole collapses as the bear jumps onto him and rakes him with its claws. He screams at it to stop, and Spirit Bear shoves him in the chest. He feels his ribs break.

What happened in chapter 10 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 10 of Touching Spirit Bear Cole is still stuck after fighting a bear. He is injured and unable to get up. He needs to defecate and does so, but is unable to get away from it. Mosquitoes attack him and the baby birds he saw earlier are all dead on the ground nearby.

What happens in chapter 13 of Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole starts to prove himself, reaching for his pants where he kept a clump of the bear’s fur, then decides against it. He is done trying to prove himself, he will no longer tell lies. He finds the clump of fur in his pocket when they leave him alone on the docks. He takes it and throws it into the water.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter Seven, Cole has trouble finding dry wood for the fire and he battles thick swarms of mosquitoes. He suddenly sees the Spirit Bear again. The bear is still not afraid and Cole realizes he needs a better weapon. Using the knife blade, he makes a spear but when he returns, the bear is gone.

Why doesn’t the spirit bear’s attack make sense to Cole?

Q. Why doesn’t the Spirit Bear’s attack make sense to Cole? Cole thought Spirit Bear were imaginary -spiritual, not material. Cole thinks the bear should have been scared and run away.

What happened in Chapter 5 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In the fifth chapter of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole gets cramps in his legs and decides he has to turn back to the island. He gets slammed into the rocks and then has to crawl back. He falls asleep from exhaustion and when he awakens, he finds himself laying in ashes. The only thing not burnt up is a knife and the At.

How does Cole react to the white bear at the end of Chapter 7?

How does Cole react to the white bear at the end of Chapter 7? Cole breathes in deeply and stands motionless. Cole returns to the cabin before the bear senses his fear. Cole’s anger is ignited and he becomes determined to challenge the bear.

What does Cole eat at the end of Chapter 10?

What does Cole catch to eat at the end of this chapter? Cole catches a mouse on his arm.

What weapon does Cole create?

The Amp is a melee weapon built and designed by Zeke Dunbar, made especially for his best friend Cole MacGrath to channel his powers into it, thereby creating a much more efficient way of taking down enemies.

Why does Cole burn his shelter at the end of chapter 2?

Instead of feeling touched or grateful, Cole gets angry. He doesn’t know what to do with all this anger inside of him, so he goes to the shelter and sets it on fire. He doesn’t even care that Edwin spent all that time building it for him…or that it’s the only shelter he has. He watches it burn to the ground.

What is the first mistake that Cole finally admits to?

What is the first mistake Cole admits to? Beating up Peter was a mistake.

What Garvey gave Cole?

oow is a ”colorful red-and-blue blanket” that Garvey gives to Cole.