Is Hsdpa a 3g?

Is Hsdpa a 3g?

High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is an enhanced 3G (third-generation) mobile communications protocol in the High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) family. … It allows networks based on the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) to have higher data speeds and capacity.

Is Edge faster than 3g?

Although Cingular calls EDGE a "third-generation" technology, it is commonly called a "2.75G" network, as it does not offer the true speed of a 3G network. … To generalize, EDGE is not much faster than a 56k dial up connection, whereas 3G offers broadband speeds.

What is the difference between GSM and 3g?

Global System for Mobile communications or GSM is the current and most widely used standard for mobile phones today while 3G is the next generation mobile technology that has begun to replace GSM. 3G is still in its infancy and only has a very small area covered when compared to GSM.

Is EDGE network 2g or 3g?

GPRS and EDGE are both 2G technology but EDGE is significantly faster with a download speed of up to 384Kbps. EDGE is sometimes called a 2.5G network as it also has some characteristics of a 3G network but it doesn't satisfy the specification. … It is a 4G technology that allows download at a rate of up to 168Mbps.