How are encapsulation and abstraction related?

How are encapsulation and abstraction related?

Abstraction means Giving only essential things and hiding unnecessary details. … This is abstraction. Encapsulation means binding the data members and methods together in a capsule form to avoid accidental changes to data from external users. Encapsulation is the bundling of related algorithms and data.

What is encapsulation in simple terms?

Encapsulation is the process of combining data and functions into a single unit called class. … In simpler words, attributes of the class are kept private and public getter and setter methods are provided to manipulate these attributes. Thus, encapsulation makes the concept of data hiding possible.

What do you mean by abstraction and encapsulation How are the two terms Inter?

Ans. Abstraction is the act of representing essential features without including the background details. Encapsulation is the way of combining both data and the functions that operate on the data under a single unit. Encapsulation is the way of implementing abstraction.