Who are INFPs attracted to?

Who are INFPs attracted to?

INFPs are also attracted to someone who is sincere and honest with them. They find a truly authentic person to be very appealing, where someone who is fake or shallow is quite the opposite for them. INFPs want to be with people who are open about who they are, and who don’t hide behind walls and lies.

Who is most compatible with an Infp?


Are INFPs clingy?

INFPs like to have plenty of time alone, which means they do enjoy their space. When it comes to close relationships though, INFPs enjoy being around their loved ones. They can sometimes appear clingy, since they enjoy diving into a deeper connection with their loved ones.

Why are INFPs so unhappy?

They’re drawn to sadness because they realize that even though they feel miserable in the moment, it’s going to change their life somehow. INFPs enjoy supporting others through times of sadness because they are no strangers to loneliness themselves.

Are INFPs rude?

It’s one of the rare instances INFPs will seem harsh, irrational, inflexible, and rude, but as bad as we may feel about it, we will not apologize for doing what we believe is right to protect ourselves and uphold our values.

What is the dark side of Infp?

1 – Self absorbed: infps dominant function Fi (introverted feeling), can make them quite self absorbed. They get so caught up in the rich internal world of their own thoughts and feelings and ideas that they don’t consider others, or even pay attention to them.

What INFPs are bad?

Unhealthy intuition can make the INFP seem unrealistic, impractical, eccentric, or ungrounded. They will feel pulled towards an idealistic future, yet they will feel unable to actually do anything to make their goals a reality.

Are Infp controlling?

INFPs hate being controlled. They don’t readily voice their real opinions. Deep down inside, INFPs desire personal autonomy. Unlike extroverted judging types (ESTJs, ESFJs, ENTJs, and ENFJs), they want little to do with organizing people, institutions, or projects. They need very little outer control.

Why are INFPs so cold?

Of course, INFPs are reserved, self-conscious, and very private about their inner lives. On the surface level, this explains why INFPs seem cold. INFPs, though they don’t like being called shy, are really often just “shy”, in some of the stereotypical sense of the word.

Are INFPs arrogant?

INFP. INFPs are generally humble people, who don’t want to appear arrogant to others. They don’t consider themselves better than anyone else, and dislike being around self-absorbed people. INFPs are not interested in being egotistical, but they do enjoy being able to share their talents with others.

How do you know if an Infp likes you?

As Intuitive Feelers, they’re fascinated by human nature and wish to understand you at a deep, emotional level. So, if an INFP really likes you, they’ll go out of their way to talk to you and engage in a meaningful conversation. It’s their way of telling you that they care and want to know you better.

Do INFPs like hugs?

As an INFP I can assure you that we like hugs. Except when we are having our alone time. If we hanging out with someone close and they hug us it feels great. Caution if you just met an INFP and you are trying to hug them, they may feel uncomfortable.

How does an Infp flirt?

INFPs are a lot like ISFJs and INFJs when it comes to feeling comfortable before flirting. They like to cyber stalk their love interests, but can be somewhat shy with them in person until communication has opened up a bit. You’ll find that INFPs make this open communication flow happen rather quickly.

How does an Infp show love?

INFPs show a strong preference for quality time as a love language, followed by words of affirmation and physical touch. Though they experience extremely strong emotions internally, INFPs prefer to show their love by spending time with those they care about and engaging in the activities that they enjoy alongside them.

Are Infp males attractive?

INFP males can have this amazing quite depth and a calmness that is very attractive. They are also very passionate and are attentive listeners 😍. Be patient and kind to yourself and pay attention to internalized criticism. Don’t beat yourself up for being you thats where the low self esteem comes from!