What is Traf on my radio?

What is Traf on my radio?

Turns out, the “Traf” button on my radio is designed to seek through the available radio stations, and stop when it finds one that gives local Traffic Updates. That same text signal can also tell the radio that, “Hey, we do traffic reports, too.”

Is Traf a word?

No, traf is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How did Traf-O-data fail?

The Failure His first company was Traf-O-Data, the objective of which was ‘to read the raw data from roadway traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers’. They first tried to sell the processing service to the local County, but their first demo failed because the machine ‘didn’t work’, recalled Gates.

What did Traf-O-data do?

U.S. Traf-O-Data was a business partnership between Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert that existed in the 1970s. The objective was to read the raw data from roadway traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers.

How much money did Traf-O-data make?

They reportedly netted nearly $20,000 for their work with Traf-o-Data, but the data-gathering project ultimately flopped. Allen said: “In hindsight, Traf-O-Data was a good idea with a flawed business model.

Who was Bill Gates original partner?

Paul Allen

Did Bill Gates steal from Paul Allen?

Bill Gates betrayed his ailing business partner and tried to deprive him of his share of the Microsoft fortune, according to a scathing memoir from Paul Allen, the company’s billionaire co-founder.

What college did Bill Gates go to?

Harvard University1973–1975

What was Bill Gates childhood like?

Gates was born William Henry Gates III on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Gates grew up in an upper-middle-class family with his older sister, Kristianne, and younger sister, Libby. Gates showed early signs of competitiveness when he coordinated family athletic games at their summer house on Puget Sound.

Does Phoebe Adele Gates have a boyfriend?

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How old was Bill Gates when he became a millionaire?


Can you put a billion dollars in the bank?

Short answer is Yes, you can have 1 billion dollars in your personal savings account. There are several implications: Only $250,000 is insured from theft, bankruptcy,e tc. It is generally a good idea to spread out large sums of money over different assets for protection and better growth.