Which is better smoke detector or heat detector?

Which is better smoke detector or heat detector?

They are marginally less sensitive to fast flaming fires. Optical alarms can be installed near (not in) kitchens, as they are less likely than ionisation alarms to go off when toast is burned. Heat Alarms: They detect the increase in temperature from a fire and are insensitive to smoke.

What is smoke and heat detector?

A heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convected thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element. The thermal mass and conductivity of the element regulate the rate flow of heat into the element. All heat detectors have this thermal lag.

Can smoke set off a heat detector?

An ionisation smoke alarm or even an optical smoke alarm would quickly be set off when a kitchen is being used. … Heat detectors do not get set off by steam or smoke or the normal cooking tempreatures.

Which type of smoke detector is best?

Photoelectric sensors are best for detecting smoldering fires that produce lots of smoke. Ionization sensors are best for detecting faster fires with lots of flames and less smoke.