Which is better aluminum or copper radiator?

Which is better aluminum or copper radiator?

Copper is actually a better conductor of heat than aluminum. The problem is a copper radiator is not ALL copper. The tubes and fin are copper however they are bonded together with lead, which has horrible heat transfer capabilities. … The trick to better cooling is wider tubes and shorter fin.

What is the advantage of an aluminum radiator?

In short, aluminum radiators mark a modern advancement in cooling. Not only does the material dissipate heat at close to double the rate compared to brass, but also reduced the overall weight of the vehicle and provides a stronger and more durable core and tube design.

Is an all aluminum radiator better?

An aluminum radiator does cool better than a copper brass radiator. For example, an aluminum radiator with 2 rows of 1" tubes is equivalent to a copper brass radiator with 5 rows of 1/2" tubes. Aluminum provides high efficiency, is lightweight, and has a longer life compared to copper brass.

Why is copper used in radiators?

The Metal for Radiators Today and Tomorrow Copper has a long history as the best metal for car and truck radiators. Its superior thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and strength make it ideal for this purpose. … As a metal for radiators, it can be used again and again.