What’s the difference between VTEC and non VTEC?

What’s the difference between VTEC and non VTEC?

VTEC stands for variable valve timing and lift electronic control. A VTEC engine has overhead cams for both intake and exhaust. VTEC is used by a special intake camshaft that has three lobes instead of two for the valves. … At lower RPM, the VTEC camshaft will actuate the valves in the same manner as an ordinary engine.

Does VTEC make difference?

When VTEC kicks in, you can hear how much more air the engine is pulling in, and the power difference is very palpable. … Also, turbo cars usually hit peak power output lower in the rev range, whereas in this car the power essentially increases as the engine speeds up.

What is the difference between VTEC and i VTEC?

i-VTEC – intelligent Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control. … The only difference between this i-VTEC engine and the older VTEC engines is the addition of the VTC system. The intake camshaft has the automatic self-adjusting cam gear which continuously optimizes valve overlap for all RPM ranges.

What’s so special about VTEC?

Honda's VTEC system features both electronic and mechanical components that allow the engine to have multiple camshafts, which allows the engine's computer to control multiple valves at once. This allows the engine to offer the best of both worlds during both low-speed and high-speed driving.