What does RB stand for Nissan?

What does RB stand for Nissan?

" The "RB" name is mis-construed and thought to represent "rhythm & balance", or "race bred".

Which is better rb26 or 2jz?

However the main difference lies in the displacement of the two engines. The Nissan RB26 is a 2.6 L engine while the 2JZ displaces 3.0 L. So, naturally the 2JZ is expected to be more powerful, which it is in stock condition. … 2JZ is essentially a square engine, which means it has equal bore and stroke (86 mm).

What does Det stand for in rb25det?

The D stands for Dual Overhead Cams/2 Camshafts. The E stands for Electronic Fuel Injection. This is offtopic but the T in some engines e.g SR20 DET, stands for Turbo, and TT stand for Twin Turbo .e.g RB26DETT. VQ30 and VQ30DE is the same engine.People just say Vq30 for short but the engine code is VQ30DE etc.