The Advantages of New MacBooks Over the Competitors

People can be conditionally divided into several categories, where one of them adores the Apple brand and all its production, and another one cannot understand its popularity. The latter believes that it is more about the desire to show off and highlight the financial status of its owner. After all, the latest models of Apple devices may cost you a fortune, and if you are a college student, you will have to find a part-time job or two to cover expenses. Well, of course, you can reach out to the robust do my paper for me service to make additional room in your schedule. However, wouldn’t it be better to select some other brands? Are the advantages of the new MacBooks so impressive that you should opt for this device only? This question is multi-faceted and requires in-depth investigation to sort things out.

Free In-Person Tech Support

Every laptop owner wants to know that they will get a helping hand if any issue occurs. While many other brands are not ready to provide their users with a “safety ring,” you can get in-person support even if your Mac is out-of-warranty. Of course, you will have to cover expenses in the case of a physical repair. However, the latest MacBooks stand out with their stability. Even if your device faced forced power off during the software update, you don’t need to panic because a qualified specialist will cope with the issue. You can reach out to the service center and make an appointment to meet any challenges, whether it is about installing an OS upgrade or application crashing.

Powerful M1 Processor

The latest models of the MacBooks are equipped with a brand-new processor that surpasses its competitors in a wide range of aspects. For example, it possesses a different architecture compared to ARM or Intel, providing various advantages concerning performance and efficiency. In fact, it represents a five-nanometer processor equipped with dazzling sixteen billion transistors. Obviously, it can please its users with about 3,5 times faster CPU performance, not to mention up to six times faster GPU and up to fifteen times faster machine learning.

Top-Notch Integrated Graphics

It is not a secret that most specialists who work in the IT industry opt for Apple devices because of the brand itself and blue-chip graphics. The SoC M1 can boast integrated graphics that represent an 8-core GPU. The company claims that it is the best offer on the market nowadays. By purchasing such a device, you can get the best out of eight powerful cores, running more than 24,000 threads at the same time. Whether you need to playback several 4K videos or render complicated and multi-faceted 3D scenes, you can do everything with such a laptop. Any of the MacBooks will become a stunning helper for people whose profession has something to do with high-quality graphics.

Double Battery Life

The poor battery is a weak spot of most electronic multifunctional gadgets. Thus, when choosing a new laptop, many users pay special attention to this feature. The latest MacBooks force their rivals to take a back seat in this regard, featuring an eight-core CPU that stands out with high performance and efficiency along with low energy consumption. The great news here is that its outstanding performance consumes only one-tenth of the power. In other words, you can count on double battery life, continuing to utilize all the features to the fullest. It can come in handy if you travel much or work in places where you cannot plug it in the electrical grid.

Immediate Start and Wonderful Compatibility with Other Devices

The latest MacBooks are equipped with a processor derived from the one you can find in other Apple devices. Therefore, it provides an immediate start the same way you see it on other iOS gadgets. Moreover, the brand-new processor allows decreasing the consumption at rest dramatically. Besides, another surprising news for Apple admirers is the possibility to run iPhone and iPad applications on the laptop without any issues. Thus, the Apple ecosystem has enhanced its capabilities, providing its users with hassle-free access to their favorite apps on all brand devices.

Value for Money

A high price tag for Apple devices is one of the most widespread disadvantages that frighten away potential buyers. They opt for cheaper options believing that it is not reasonable to pay more for a laptop with “similar” characteristics. However, if you approach this question from a different perspective, you will see that you can even save some bucks in the long run since other laptops require additional installation of the operating system and advanced antivirus software. All these moments will involve expenses and require continuous investments since, unlike Apple, most companies sell even powerful devices without anything. Thus, when you see a bare price tag, it may seem unreasonably high unless you consider all the perks involved.