Is dessert a appetizer?

Is dessert a appetizer?

The main difference between Appetizer and Dessert is that the Appetizer is a food items served before the main courses of a meal and Dessert is a course that concludes a meal; usually sweet.

What is the difference between appetizer and main course?

Difference Between Entree and Appetizer. Appetizer is a word used for a wide variety of food items that one can eat before the main course in a meal. … It is a word of French origin that means beginning or entrance, and in culinary terms, it is not the main course, but the first course served during a meal.

Is salad a appetizer?

Salads can be an appetizer, but not all appetizers are salads. Appetizers are usually served before a meal and are typically, but not always, finger type foods and can be hot or cold. Salad will depend upon where you live.

What is appetizer Brainly?

An appetizer is a meal that is small and light enough to be served before the entree to stimulate the taste and make the customer's appetite better.