Why should I become a drum major?

Why should I become a drum major?

A drum major is a role model, a friend, a mediator, a teacher, a protector. Part of our job is to make sure that the scared freshman doesn't quit before the end of band camp. Part of it is to make sure the upperclass marchers help us to keep the band moving forward.

How many drum majors are there?

4 Drum MajorsWe have 4 Drum Majors.

Why do drum majors bend backwards?

Drum major backbend. The drum major backbend is an elaborate salute performed by drum majors in many American university marching bands. It is executed prior to college football games as one of the rituals engaging the audience's consent for the athletic contest that follows.

Does being drum major look good for college?

Yes! Drum Majors have superior leadership qualities. Good luck to you wherever you apply to college. I don't think it would hurt, and it is a leadership position.