What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

What Does It Mean to be a Good Neighbor? Being a good neighbor means living with others in a social community called a “neighborhood.” People talking in their front yards, children playing on the sidewalk, people mowing lawns, and similar activities are all part of being neighbors.

What can I do about bad apartment neighbors?

If a neighbor harms or threatens you in any way, call the police. Same goes for neighbors whom you spot conducting illegal activity in your apartment building, such as drug dealing. You can be sure that a visit by the police will get your landlord to pay more attention to your situation.

Should you introduce yourself to your neighbors?

Having a healthy relationship with your neighbors will make living on your street easier, so try to introduce yourself to your neighbors early on. … When you see your neighbors coming in or out of their house, shake their hand and introduce yourself. Compliment them on their house, garden, or car to break the ice.