What causes jackknifing?

What causes jackknifing?

Jackknife accidents occur when the cab of the truck skids in one direction while the trailer goes in another direction. In many of these crashes, the truck overturns because it is completely out of control. … One of the most common problems that may cause a truck to jackknife is improper brake maintenance or adjustment.

What do you do if you jackknife a trailer?

If your trailer is kicked out to the passenger side, the best way to correct this is to steer into the direction of the skid on the same side (to the right). It's important to steer gradually toward the skid. Do NOT turn the steering wheel hard into the skid. Do NOT over correct.

Can you jackknife a trailer going forward?

As far as I know its impossible to jackknife a tractor/trailer while moving forward (reverse is different) as there is no way to get the angle sharp enough.

How do lorries jackknife?

Jackknifing refers to the folding of an articulated vehicle so that it resembles the acute angle of a folding pocket knife. If a vehicle towing a trailer skids, the trailer can push the towing vehicle from behind until it spins the vehicle around and faces backwards.