Should you sing through your nose?

Should you sing through your nose?

Annabeth Novitzki, a private voice teacher, responds: "No, singing through your nose is not bad and it won't hurt you. However, most people don't prefer nasal singing because it limits the beauty and tone of the sound." Practice lifting your soft palate. Imagine there is a ping-pong ball in the back of your mouth.

Why does my nose block when I sing?

When your soft palate is sitting just a little too low it can cause your nose to feel blocked. However, mucus can also keep you feeling clogged when singing. … The steam loosens the blocked feeling and your nose can feel relieved of the irritating clog.

Why is my singing voice so nasally?

The irritating nasal sound, or nasality, in some singing voices is a result of a soft palate which is not lifted properly. … If you have a balanced, resonant sound, your sound won't change and you can successfully sing while holding your nose. If the sound does change, you likely have a nasal sound.