Is Sand okay for rats?

Is Sand okay for rats?

Respiratory disease is common in rats. Selecting the right type of bedding can help to reduce respiratory problems. Wood shavings, sawdust and sand should be avoided. Cedar and pine wood shavings contain phenol whilst sawdust and sand tend to be dusty.

Can pet rats play in sand?

Childrens play sand or chinchilla bathing sand – this isn't bad actually, it's more something for them to move around than properly form and construct with but they often like it. Rats don't tend to bath in it but will happily dig for things.

Do mice like sand baths?

They don't need it, as their fur isn't fine enough to get greasy easily like that of hamsters or chinchillas. That said, it won't hurt them, and I have heard some people say that their mice enjoy taking sand baths. … I've never heard of anyone giving their mouse a sand bath, no.