Is it rude to not go to a wedding?

Is it rude to not go to a wedding?

It's only terribly rude to skip a wedding for no good reason if you've already said you would attend and just decide on a whim not to. … If the wedding is of a peripheral relative or friend of the family with whom you aren't close or in frequent contact, you shouldn't feel obligated to go.

How early should you be to a wedding?

Ideally, you should arrive at the ceremony site 30 minutes before the time printed on the invitation, and even earlier for a large event (200 wedding guests or more). If you get there after it's begun, seat yourself quietly in the back.

Is it rude to wear black at a wedding?

"Black is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding. … For example, for a formal or black-tie wedding a woman may wear a black floor-length gown, but at a beach wedding she may wear a black dress that's shorter and flowy, and at a rustic or vineyard wedding a black lace dress would be appropriate."