Is Albania a cheap country?

Is Albania a cheap country?

Budget backpacking anywhere in Balkans, with the exception of Croatia, is inexpensive compared to Western Europe. But Albania is leaps and bounds cheaper than its neighbors, especially when it comes to transit and food costs.

What is the average salary in Albania?

The average salary of a person employed in Albania is 330 Euros a month, the minimum salary is 160 Euros and the maximum salary amounts to at least 9 thousand Euros. For the first time, INSTAT-Institute of Statistics has published the official figures for the average salary offered in Albania.

Is Albania expensive to visit?

Compared to its neighboring nations, Albania is a very cheap destination. You can spend a phenomenal week travelling through the country without breaking the bank. … Tirana is the most expensive town in the country, but you still won't spend too much compared to other eastern European cities.

What is the minimum wage in Albania?

It has two distinct dialects: Tosk, spoken in the south, and Gheg, spoken in the north. However many Albanians speak Italian, Greek, French, German, English amongst other languages too, due to the high numbers of Albanian diaspora and Albanian communities throughout the Balkans.

Is Albania safe to live?

Whilst Albania has problems with drug trafficking, organised crime, and of course, corruption, it is generally a safe country to live in.

What is the unemployment rate in Albania?

Albania unemployment rate for 2018 was 13.90%, a 0.15% increase from 2017. Albania unemployment rate for 2017 was 13.75%, a 1.47% decline from 2016. Albania unemployment rate for 2016 was 15.22%, a 1.86% decline from 2015. Albania unemployment rate for 2015 was 17.08%, a 0.41% decline from 2014.