Is a nasal voice attractive?

Is a nasal voice attractive?

Nasality means that when you're speaking, you're using your nasal cavity as a resonator. "Another is fundamental frequency — how high or how low your voice is. In general, women find men with lower voices more attractive. A male whose voice is relatively low sounds virile.

How do you know if you’re singing through your nose?

Here's a very quick tip to tell if you're singing through your nose: Hold your nose closed with your fingers, and then sing. If you sound mostly the same (except for consonants D, N, and M), then you are fine. If you sound radically different, then you are singing through your nose rather than using nasal resonance.

Why do I sound so bad when I sing?

Singing takes a certain level of athleticism due to all that diaphragm engagement and breathing going on, but you should never feel tightness in the throat and vocal cords. So, if you feel tension from your diaphragm or stomach area, that's fine. If you feel any tension in your vocal cords, stop immediately.

Does blocked nose affect singing?

You can usually sing over a cold if you have nasal congestion but no throat symptoms. Your tone may be a bit nasal, but in general, you can sing over or through congestion. The first line of treatment for your singing voice is moisture. Drinking a lot of water will keep your throat and nasal mucus thin.