How much can you bargain in Bangkok?

How much can you bargain in Bangkok?

Start bargaining around 30-40% below the first asking price The general rule of thumb in Bangkok is that the real price will be somewhere between 25% and 50% cheaper than what is first asked.

Which is the cheapest market in Bangkok?

MBK is a good place for clothing and shoes. You could also try the Platinum mall which is one of the cheapest places to shop at in Bangkok. Open air, street type shopping go to the Pratunam Market between Phetchaburi Road and Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Can you haggle at MBK Bangkok?

Fortunately, there is enough competition inside of MBK for the same items that you can negotiate and shop around to score good deals. In general, haggling prices isn't always a comfortable process for Westerners. Negotiating for a discount in a proper shopping mall seems even more awkward.

How much should you barter in Thailand?

Generally, the price should be between a quarter and half what they ask. Offer 25% of the asking price. go up in small increments to bring them closer to the final price which should be 40% to 50% of where you started. Obviously keep in mind the value of the item to you in terms of your home price.