How do you calculate Riddor incident rate?

How do you calculate Riddor incident rate?

How is it Calculated? The AFR is worked out by multiplying the number of RIDDOR Reportable accidents by 100,000 (the average number of hours worked in a lifetime), divided by the overall number of hours worked in that month by all of the staff.

How do you calculate accident frequency rate UK?

Accident Frequency Rate is [(Number of injuries in the period)/(Total hours worked during the period)] x 1,000,000. ie the number of injuries per million hours worked. Annual Injury Incidence Rate is [Number of reportable injuries in financial year)/(average number employed during the year)] x 100,000.

What is accident rate?

The accident rate is defined as the ratio between the number of accidents which happened in a given year and the number of flights conducted during that same year. The accident rate gives an estimate of the accident risk per flight. It is generally expressed in accidents per million flights.

How do you calculate lost time accident?

Lost Time Injury rate follows a simple formula to indicate your performance. Divide the total number of lost time injuries in a certain time period by the total number of hours worked in that period, then multiply by 200,000 to get the LTIR.