How do I change my twitter settings to sensitive content?

How do I change my twitter settings to sensitive content?

Click your profile icon in the top right navigation bar. Select Settings and privacy from the drop-down menu. Go to your Privacy and safety settings. Look for the Tweet media section and check the box next to Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.

Why can’t I see sensitive content on twitter app?

If you don't want to see sensitive content, don't worry—that's the default setting on Twitter. Just ensure the “Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content” option is disabled and the “Hide Sensitive Content” option for searches is enabled.

How do I change my settings on twitter?

On Twitter, your videos can be as long as 2 minutes and 20 seconds—matching the number of characters that a tweet can be.

Where is settings on twitter app?

If you're using the mobile app, locate and select the Gear icon. If you're using a desktop web browser, select the Profile icon near the upper-right corner, then choose Settings. If you're using a mobile device, you'll need to confirm which account you want to modify. The settings will appear.

Why does twitter lower video quality?

The video file type does matter. First, if you create a video type that isn't supported by Twitter, you're not uploading that video until you convert it to another format, which can take a few extra minutes and slow you down. Second, the wrong video format in general can result in lower-quality video.