Do I need to bathe my guinea pig?

Do I need to bathe my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs clean themselves, so baths are rare. Certain ailments make a bath necessary; otherwise you might bathe a guinea pig if its long coat is particularly soiled or if you're showing the pet for conformation. Bathing a rodent can pose health risks.

What can I use to wash my guinea pig?

Rub a few drops of shampoo into the guinea pig's fur. Avoid getting shampoo near the face and ears. Don't use human or dog shampoos on guinea pigs since these could irritate guinea pig skin. If you only need to spot clean your guinea pig, put a few drops of liquid dish soap into a small container with lukewarm water.

What kind of soap do you use to wash a guinea pig?

Do not use anything like dish soap or house hold cleaning materials. Guinea pigs have a strong sense of smell, so it's best to use unscented soap. If you bathe him frequently, you'll have to be more careful about the shampoo you use so that you don't dry out his skin or cause irritation.

Can you bathe a guinea pig with baby shampoo?

The simple answer is: no. It's not advisable to bathe guinea pigs in baby shampoo, because in general, human shampoos, including baby shampoos, are harsh on animal skins. … When choosing a shampoo remember that guinea pigs have exceptional smell so it's advisable to use unscented, organic, and fragrance-free shampoo.