Can foreigners buy property in Cape Verde?

Can foreigners buy property in Cape Verde?

Foreigners are allowed to buy freehold property in Cape Verde, where buying follows much the same process as in Portugal, but with the added complication of there being rather fewer lawyers than in Portugal.

Is Cape Verde part of Spain?

Although the Cape Verde archipelago is geographically in Africa, there have been similar situations before. … Furthermore, the Cape Verde islands are part of the same island group as the Canary Islands (part of Spain), Madeira Islands (part of Portugal) and Azores Islands (part of Portugal), known as Macaronesia.

How do I get to Cape Verde from UK?

TUI operate the UK's only direct flights to Cape Verde. The airline serves Sal's Amílcar Cabral International Airport (SID), and Boa Vista's Aristides Pereira Airport (BVC). Indirect flights to other islands are also available.